Chiya HD Network

CHiya HD Network is a digital television. This television is being operated by Chiya Media and Technology Pvt. Ltd. With the development of technology, we have launched digital television through the YouTube platform. At Chiya HD Network, we have been broadcasting regular news, entertainment and educational programs. Subscribe to the channel by clicking the accompanying video to join the Chiya HD network.

Who we are ?

Chiya Media and Technology Pvt.Ltd. is a professional company working in the field of mass media and technology. Under the auspices of this company are digital magazines and Digital Television Chiya HD Network. The company works in the field of technology, building websites and mobile apps, social media marketing as well as audio, video and photography. The company is headquartered in Gurbhakot Municipality 8, Surkhet District, Karnali Province, Nepal.

our Leading team

C.B. Regmi

Chief Advisor / Patron

Regmi, who has been teaching for more than 40 years, is the Chief Advisor and Patron of Chiya Media and Technology Pvt. Ltd. Regmi, who has made a name for himself in the social and educational fields, has a master’s degree in political science.

Chief Executive Officer

Regmi is a person who has been practicing journalism for more than ten years. Regmi, who is connected to the mass media through radio, has gained experience in radio, print, television and online journalism. He is known as Suryadeep in the mass media and social sphere. Regmi is also a web designer and public speaker. 

Sarita Udas

Business Head

Sarita is from a journalism background. She is proficient in social media marketing. Working as Business Head at Chiya Media and Technology, she also edits digital magazine and produces programs on the Chiya HD Network.

चिया दशैं तिहार अफरः वेबसाइट बनाउँदा आकर्षक छुट

चिया मिडिया एण्ड टेक्नोलोजी प्रा.लि.ले बडादशैं तथा दिपावलीका अवसरमा चिया दशैं तिहार अफर शुरु गरेको छ। चिया मिडियाले वेबसाइट निर्माणको अग्रिम बुकिंगमा भारी नगद छुटको घोषणा गरेको हो।

अफर अन्तर्गत साधारण वेबसाइट १७ हजारमै बनाईने चिया मिडियाले उद्घोष गरेको छ। अफर अन्तर्गत संस्थागत र व्यावसायीक वेबसाइट निर्माणका लागि भने नगद रु. १२ हजार छुट दिईने कम्पनीले जनाएको छ।


Chiya Mobile Film Competition-2077

We will be organizing a mobile film competition soon. Stay connected for more information about the competition.

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